Lexus Model Comparisons Phoenix AZ 

Are you looking for a luxury car or crossover? Have you had your eye on the Lexus brand? Not sure how the Lexus brand stacks up against luxury-brand competitors? Find the perfect fit for you and your family at Earnhardt Lexus with Lexus model comparisons in Phoenix, AZ. 

Silver 2021 Lexus IS on Desert Road

Lexus IS vs 

A standout in the compact luxury sedan class, the Lexus IS is the perfect combination of performance, luxury, technology and style that competitors like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series cannot match. 

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Overhead View of 2020 Lexus ES in a Parking Lot

Lexus ES vs 

The Lexus ES is a world-class entry in the midsize luxury sedan class that will provide an unrivaled automotive experience at every turn when you get behind the wheel. Add a Lexus ES Hybrid to the equation and the competitors cannot keep up. 

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Black 2020 Lexus GS on Winter Road

Lexus GS vs 

Built on a foundation of premium luxury and heart-pounding performance, the Lexus GS is a premier entry in the midsize luxury sedan class that will upgrade your day-to-day drive and will outperform its competitors.  

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Silver 2020 Lexus LS in a Driveway

Lexus LS vs 

A true automotive masterpiece, the Lexus LS vaults past the competition in the large luxury sedan class, delivering on the promise of opulent luxury and world-class performance that models like the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS cannot touch. 

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Overhead View of 2020 Lexus RC F on a Track

Lexus RC vs 

A compact and performance-tuned coupe entry in the Lexus lineup, the Lexus RC and its track-focused counterpart - the Lexus RC F - will harness turbocharged powertrains to provide Phoenix-area drivers with heart-pounding thrills. 

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Red 2021 Lexus LC Coupe Rear Exterior in a Desert

Lexus LC vs 

Available in coupe, convertible and hybrid models, the Lexus LC is a premium entry in the luxury sports car class and will leave competitors like the Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz GT in its rearview mirror. 

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Orange 2020 Lexus UX on Wet Street

Lexus UX vs 

Families in search of a luxury crossover may find that the subcompact Lexus UX will fit the bill at Earnhardt Lexus in Phoenix and will outperform key competitors like the BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Jaguar E-PACE and Range Rover Evoque. 

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Orange 2020 Lexus NX Side Exterior on a City Street

Lexus NX vs 

A premier competitor in the compact luxury crossover class, the Lexus NX possesses an immaculate combination of performance, luxury and style that will leave rivals like the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC in its wake. 

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White 2020 Lexus RX Side Exterior in a Driveway

Lexus RX vs 

Available in five- and seven-passenger variants, the Lexus RX is a versatile and family-friendly option in the midsize luxury crossover segment that adds to its stellar reputation with a Lexus RX Hybrid option that blends power and fuel economy. 

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Blue 2020 Lexus GX Rear Exterior on a City Street

Lexus GX vs 

Geared toward families who want to add opulent luxury to their off-road adventures, the Lexus GX is a standout in its class that promises to outlast competitors like the Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport. 

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Gray 2020 Lexus LX Side Exterior on a City Street

Lexus LX vs 

Built to provide families with unrivaled luxury in five- and eight-passenger configurations, the Lexus LX combines pure, unbridled power with sublime luxury at every turn in the large luxury SUV class. 

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