Dare to Compare

Since we can’t call every other service department out there, we are offering this service checklist.  We hope it helps as you compare the Lexus Earnhardt Service Department to others in the area.




Promise to be within $50 of any service provider?
Promise service that will maintain the Lexus warranty?
Promise service that will maintain/improve trade-in values?
Include road hazard and warranty with service?
Include a free car wash with every service?
Use only OEM Lexus parts and approved fluids?
Have a tenured staff with Master Certified Lexus Technicians?
Maintain an easily accessed registry of each Lexus serviced?
Have information about recalls and other notices?
Network with other Lexus service departments across the country?
Provide loaner vehicles?
Provide pickup and drop off?
Include a voucher for an onsite cafe during a service visit?
Send your technicians to regular Lexus trainings?
Understand and explain how Lexus technology works?
Offer Lexus-approved tires and parts?
Have a dog-friendly facility?