Your Lexus has a sophisticated tire light system.  If your tire light is on, make sure to stop and check your tires.   You can use this tire light checklist to determine if this is a short-term problem or a long-term threat to your safety.  Earnhardt Lexus offers a big selection of new tires Phoenix AZ, but we also do tire repair for our customers.

Are all four tires correctly inflated?                    
Underinflation will cause the tire light to come on.  Add air to your tires and recheck later to make sure they haven’t lost air.

Do all four tires have their stems?                    
It’s a simple fix. If one of your tires is missing a stem, drop by Lexus Earnhardt for replacements.

Is a tire leaking air?                                
If the check tire light keeps showing up, you may have an air leak in your tire.  Punctures show up as slow leaks. A hole can be repaired, but if your tire shows extensive wear, it is best to replace it.  Count on Lexus Earnhardt for tire repair Phoenix AZ.

Is a tire torn?                                 
If the tire is torn, it needs to be replaced.  The tear may not cause the tire light to come on, unless the tire has become so thin that air can leak out.

Is a tire wobbling when the vehicle is in motion?        
If you experience a wobble, it’s time to pull over.  Your tire may be ready to blow.

Do your tires show uneven tread wear?                
A suspension problem can result in uneven tread wear.  It is important to get an alignment to correct this. You may need to replace one or more tires if this problem has gone on too long.

Are your tires very old?                        
Even if your vehicle doesn’t travel much, tire materials can begin to disintegrate due to the passage of time. To find out the age of your tires, look for the number printed on your tire’s sidewall.  Even a low-mileage vehicle may need tire replacement at the five-year mark.

Does tread indicator show low tread?                
As your tread wears, it will eventually line up with the tread indicator. This is a sign that it is time to replace your tires. 

Can your tires pass the penny test?                
Place a penny between the rows of tread. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head, it’s way past time to replace your tire.  

Have you asked for a Mechanic Check?                
At regular oil changes and other service appointments, your Earnhardt Lexus mechanic can check your tires and warn you if your tires are getting old or showing extreme wear.


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