Five Reasons to Buy a Lexus at Earnhardt Lexus

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There are many reasons to choose Lexus.  We’ve brought together five here, but there are many.  Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should buy a new or used Lexus compared to its rivals.

When you buy a Lexus, you can expect the best.

Quality Guaranteed 

Few automotive manufacturers have such a long, steady reputation for refinement.  There’s no up and down, no good years and bad.  The quality is consistent, award-winning and truly reliable.  You don’t have to guess if your Lexus will be a good investment. All of the evidence says yes. 

That’s why an L/Certified Lexus can be as good an investment as a new one.  You can compare at Earnhardt Lexus. The quality appointments will remain handsome through the years. Engine performance and vehicle handling won’t suffer from the passage of the years. Cutting edge technology will take your L/Certified Lexus far into the future.

Critical and Consumer Approval

If you take a look at the way critics talk about Lexus, you will find they pass all the key tests.  Engines are called powerful, quiet and commendable. The ride is called plush. The cabin is called well-crafted and quiet.  There are too many good reports to choose one.  We encourage you to research any Lexus, and you’ll find good reviews and ratings.  

Consumers reinforce this journalism with their own reviews and their choice to buy a second, third or fourth Lexus.  LEXUS has one of the highest Customer Service Index scores you’ll find today. Whether you buy new or used at Earnhardt Lexus, your Lexus is an investment that will pay big dividends in the executive parking lot, on the road, and across the miles.

Precision Performance

Precision performance and handling are highlights of owning a Lexus.  To accomplish this, the vehicle’s build, its transmission, and its engine are finely engineered and finely tuned.  In the factory, a highly qualified technician, known as an Assembly Balancer, uses a stethoscope to listen to each engine to ensure it passes Lexus’ tough standards. The engine is assembled in the isolated clean rooms to prevent any stray materials from making their way into the system.

For L/Certified Lexus owners, this is just another reassurance that a pre-owned Lexus is an excellent value. Our service department keeps all Lexus engines in top shape.  We will do the same for you. Customers appreciate the ability to access the history of their car repairs when they use our service regularly. 

True Beauty

To guarantee that a Lexus is beautiful in all lights, the manufacturer uses six layers of paint.  It starts with two different base coats. The first has large flakes of aluminum to catch the sunlight. The other has smaller flakes that add a twinkle when there’s cloud cover.  This attention to detail also ensures that the paint job lasts as long as the well-made, well-crafted Lexus. 

Cost Effective Ownership

At Lexus, buying a luxury car doesn’t mean you intend to waste money.  Lexus are among the most affordable luxurious cars.  By that, we mean that not only is the price more attractive, but the technology, elegance, and performance are included in that price.  Taking it another step further, Lexus is one of the leaders in hybrid technology. Remarkable fuel economy can exist alongside fast acceleration and exciting handling. 

Some vehicles are all flash.  Lexus manages to be both exciting and smart.  You can be sure that the money you invest is getting a good return in every way.  The brand has a long road life and a good reputation for minimal repairs. Our service department can explain about the value of regular maintenance as part of cost effective ownership.

You can find new Lexus and L/Certified vehicles now at Earnhardt Lexus.  Check out our latest deals and find the Lexus you’ve been dreaming about.



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