Car Exhaust Smoke is a Warning Sign



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If the engine is smoking, we all know that’s a bad sign. What happens if it is car exhaust smoke?  What does that mean?  Whether white, light blue, dark blue, gray or black, colored emissions is an almost certain signal that you need an exhaust leak repair. The faster, the better!  

The good news is that you can get ahead of the problem and get help before it gets worse. An exhaust repair cost swings from very affordable to a major headache. That’s why immediate action is likely to save you money. In fact, getting high quality service can save your vehicle, protecting your investment.

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your vehicle can pass EPA emissions testing. It’s also the main safeguard against the causes of exhaust smoke.

Dangers of Car Exhaust

When the color of car exhaust changes, danger increases. Carbon monoxide and other deadly substances may be in the air.  The fumes can overwhelm you and send you to the hospital.  These fumes may be circulating inside the car, endangering the driver and other occupants.  

Furthermore, the problem may suddenly stop your car.  This can leave you stranded in traffic on the highway or at a busy intersection.  Whenever smoke is present, drivers should travel with caution.  As soon as you see the problem, it is time to act.  Call Earnhardt Lexus for the most effective repairs and the latest service specials.

A high volume of smoke indicates the need to pull over immediately.  It isn’t worth the risk to you, to passengers or the engine.  A fire destroys your investment.  Although inconvenient, letting your car cool is essential to saving engine parts. You will want to have your car towed to the Earnhardt Lexus service department.

Find Meaning in the Color of Car Exhaust Smoke

White Car Exhaust

If you see white smoke briefly when the weather is wet, it is probably evaporation. Your warming car has to get rid of moisture, and you are seeing it as it drifts away. However, if you see white smoke after the initial start-up, this is a warning sign. It often means that coolant is leaking into the engine.  This indicates that your head gasket is leaking, and it is a sign of worse things to come if the problem isn’t caught and corrected.

Blue Car Exhaust

Blue car exhaust often signals that oil is burning.  The engine has internal leaks that are causing the oil to come in contact with hot surfaces. As this happens, more damage occurs, making it vital to get help right away.  Damaged piston rings may need to be replaced and oil may be damaging parts it wasn’t meant to touch.

On the other hand, a turbocharged car may have a different reason for blue smoke.  This unwelcome emission may indicate that a blower needs to be replaced. 

Gray Car Exhaust

When transmission fluid is burning, it emits a gray car exhaust.  Your gears can’t run without lubricating fluid, and soon it could shut down the car’s response to the driver’s efforts to accelerate or decelerate.  On the other hand, if you act fast, you may save money on a bigger repair.

Black Car Exhaust

This is a serious problem immediately. There is no wait and see. Your fuel line can be obstructed. There may be damaged sensors and fuel injectors.  The internal air filter may be clogged.  Drivers should consider having the vehicle towed

Exhaust Repair Cost Factors

To determine car exhaust leak cost, your mechanic will have to determine the extent of the problem.  A leak can be easily fixed.  However, a leaking head gasket or internal oil leak may require extensive labor and parts.  This is why it is vital to seek help as soon as you identify colored smoke.  

There are some problems, such as a cracked cylinder head or broken head gasket, that can be $1,000 or more. On the other hand, there are important fixes such as sensors that can be hundreds, saving the life of your car.  Likewise, fixing an obstructed fuel line can save your investment without overwhelming exhaust repair costs.

The best way to avoid the high cost of exhaust repair is to have regular maintenance at Earnhardt Lexus service department.  Remember to dare to compare and find out how cost effective our services really are.  You can schedule an appointment online


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