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Ten Tips for Car Battery Replacement in Phoenix AZ

When the battery is dead, you will be wondering if a car battery charger will do the job. If this isn’t the first time you’ve asked this question, chances are good that your car needs a checkup or a car battery replacement at Earnhardt Lexus service center.

 Car Battery Replacement Tips

Tip #1. The car battery lifespan in Phoenix AZ can be shorter than the average.  Nationwide, a battery lasts three years. It may make it to four or even five.  However, you may need a car battery replacement sooner in Phoenix due to the heat.

Tip #2.  Constant heat is bad for car batteries. Why? What’s happening? Batteries have liquids inside. Phoenixheat can evaporate the liquid at a much faster rate than it would evaporate in a moderate or cold climate.  This lack of liquid leads to internal damage. 

Tip #3.  Battery testing is a good idea.  Top consumer experts suggest that people in places like Phoenix have their car battery tested at the two-year mark and then yearly. The same experts suggest that those in cold climates can do so every four years. 

Tip #4.  When a battery fails due to the cold, it is usually due to being weakened during hot summer months.

Tip #5.  Storing your car can lead to a dead battery. Depending on the battery’s age, it may be time for replacement, even if it hasn’t reached the suggested mileage.  

Tip #6.  Battery testing should be done by an expert.  Premature battery failure may be the result of something bigger. Your Earnhardt Lexus auto technician can determine if there is a bigger problem. The terminals may not be connecting well or the alternator may be going out.

Tip #7.  Flickering headlights, intermittent radio, and sluggish starts can all indicate a battery, alternator or starter problem. It’s vital to get a Lexus mechanic to find the root of the problem.

Tip #8.  If your battery light  is on, don’t ignore it.  Your battery is necessary for your entire electrical system. 

Tip #9.  A rotten egg smell is a sign of a bad battery. Do not wait to get it replaced. The battery has started leaking or is venting gas. 

Tip #10.  A bulging or leaking battery must be replaced. It is best not to touch it.  Leave it to the experts.  By the way, this may indicate a bigger problem, a faulty voltage regulator.

Tip #11.  The new computers on our dashboards have led to a decline in battery life. This means that newer vehicle owners need to be vigilant about testing their battery.

Tip #12.  When you go to a drive-thru place to get a new battery or you do it yourself,  you may be missing out on the service you need. Let Earnhardt Lexus professional mechanics replace the battery.  They may see a deeper problem that needs to be addressed. When it comes to problems like these, early intervention is a big money saver.

Now that you know more, get help from Earnhardt Lexus service specialists.  Schedule an appointment.


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