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Lexus vehicles get great safety ratings, but if they aren’t functioning properly, you should be aware of your car’s systems and what might need certified automotive repair. It is important to your car safety to have a copy of the auto repair manual for referral.  By the time warning lights are on, the problem has become significant and requires service. 

Regular Maintenance is a Game Changer

Maintenance on your car is as important as keeping up to date with your auto repair manual and your system’s warning lights. We can make sure regular maintenance on your auto is easy to accomplish with a friendly visit to our Earnhardt Lexus service center. This will help you get the best level of performance, safety, reliability and even resale value for your Lexus when you are ready. 

Keeping your maintenance service schedule when recommended at a Lexus dealership ensures the highest-quality parts and repairs along with excellent prices. With the work all being done at one location, we can save you time as well. 

Why should you VIsit our Service Center? 

There are three key reasons that you should bring your used or new Lexus to us for all of your complete auto repair needs. 

  • When visiting Earnhardt Lexus service, you are ensured a record of all your luxury vehicle’s repairs. 
  • We only use automotive components that are the official parts produced directly by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • We have Lexus certified mechanics who are experts at all of the automotive repair needed for your vehicle. 

Instructions to Obtain the Lexus Car User Manual in PDF Form 

  1. Go to the drivers.Lexus.com website: https://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/resources/manuals-warranty 
  2. Find the bar at the top to Select A Vehicle. You will enter your Lexus model and year. 
  3. Download the PDF form of the auto repair manual. 
  4. You may also request a hard copy of the manual to be mailed to your home. 

Once you have the copy of your Lexus Car User Manual, you can stay up to date on your auto and all of its operations both inside and out. 

If you have any questions regarding the auto repair manual for your Lexus, please contact Earnhardt Lexus or our service department to learn more. We have experts on hand to help with all of your Lexus needs!


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