Certified Auto Repair from the Specialists

at Lexus Earnhardt  

power steering repair

Your luxury car deserves better automotive care.  We are proud to offer certified auto repair at Lexus Earnhardt.  Our master technicians are fully certified in complete auto repair.  We handle it all, including  Mercedes transmissions, Audi brakes, and BMW engines.  Needless to say, our Lexus engine repair is top notch at the Earnhardt auto service center.

Furthermore, we take COVID 19 very seriously. We have instituted special coronavirus policies designed to protect you and to encourage you to continue your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Warrantied Repairs Are a Given at Our Auto Service Center

When you have your car repaired, whether it’s the starter, the power steering, or the air conditioning, you want to know that the technicians achieved their goals.  That’s why we offer warrantied repairs as well as warrantied OEM parts.  Your Earnhardt service specialist can tell you more about the ways we ensure your full satisfaction over each repair.

As always, we invite you to dare to compare. If you are checking around with other shops, here’s how you can know if you're getting the same high quality that you do at Earnhardt. We address repairs by covering all of the angles.  We make sure the right tools and the most appropriate parts are in the best hands for your repair job. 

  • Our highly qualified service staff includes master technicians who have had special coursework with Lexus and who undergo continuing education to keep their skills fresh.
  • Our parts department supplies OEM parts for the perfect fit every time.
  • Our service bays are equipped with the latest technologies and tools.

OEM Parts are a Must

OEM parts -- also known as original equipment manufacturer parts -- are essential to the continued success of your Lexus or other luxury brand vehicle.  You want the exact sensors, pumps, and hoses that were used in the factory to build your car or SUV.  

This is non negotiable when it comes to a quality repair, and Earnhardt auto service center is happy to comply.  All of our fluids, batteries, tires, and parts are what is recommended by the manufacturer.  A simple oil change, a car battery replacement or a set of new tires must meet these standards.  

Your Car Maintenance is Important to Us

Your maintenance schedule is vital to keeping your vehicle in top condition.  As such, your Lexus mechanic maintains records that will show how well your Lexus has been maintained over time.  We encourage you to take advantage of our service specials.

From oil changes to 4 wheel alignment, each maintenance task is performed with OEM parts and cutting-edge equipment by certified automotive technicians. Our goal is to keep your Lexus or other luxury car in tip-top shape. Its your investment, and we intend to honor that by providing the most knowledgeable mechanics and the most effective repairs.

Schedule now online or give us a call to discuss your luxury car’s current issues.  We look forward to serving you.



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