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how much does it cost to fix AC in car

When your car air conditioning doesn’t work in Phoenix, you need relief fast.  The question is always “why isn’t it working”?  There are a number of reasons that car air conditioning may quit working. The good news is that car air conditioning service is available six days a week from Lexus Earnhardt. Here’s a quick survey of problems and the related car AC repair costs in Phoenix AZ.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix AC in Car?

Broken Blower Resistor 
Can the AC ever be too cold?  Sure.  If you can’t turn it down, then the AC speed setting is not working. This means the fan switch is probably at fault.  This happens because the blower resistor has failed. When that happens, the system may bypass the resistor and allow the fan to blow.  Often, it is the highest fan speed.

Car AC Repair Cost:  Low to Moderate.  
Blower resistor needs to be replaced.  Depending on the location, this can be a simple repair. If the resistor’s location is difficult to reach, it will increase.

At Lexus Earnhardt, we will make sure that nothing else is wrong with your AC system before doing this repair.

Dead Fuse
A repair shop will test the resistor, fan switch and connections to the motor to make sure nothing else is wrong before they start replacing parts. If none of the fan speeds work, then checking the fuse or fuses for the heating, vent and air-conditioning systems is a logical first step.

Car AC Repair Cost:  Low
If the only problem is the fuse, that’s great news. It is the least expensive repair on the list.

At Lexus Earnhardt, we can include AC maintenance that’s sure to keep your system working well during our hottest summer months.

Air cabin filter
If you are noticing stale air, the filter is probably to blame. 
Cost for Filter Replacement: Low
A clogged filter reduces air flow and may encourage an odor.

Lack of Refrigerant
Your fan is working,but the air is always hot.  This may be the result of a lack of refrigerant.  While some drive-through oil change places advertise a refill, keep in mind that you may have a leak.  Don’t waste money.  Get your car checked for a leak before you get a recharge.

Tip: Refrigerant doesn’t burn up like oil or gas. Usually, the problem is a leak.

Cost for Refrigerant Refill: Low
If there isn’t a leak, you can expect a very affordable price.

Cost for Leaks: Moderate to High

The mechanic will need to evaluate the  pipes, hoses, compressor, condenser and evaporator.

The cost of parts and labor will affect the final price. Your Earnhardt mechanic will discuss these costs before performing the work.

Broken Fan
If you can feel cold, but the fan isn’t pushing out air, that’s probably a broken fan. 
AC Car Repair Cost: Moderate
If no other problem is detected, replacing the fan is not an expensive repair.
Blend Door Failure
Sometimes the door within the system gets stuck.  This prevents the cold air from cooling the air that reaches the cabin.
AC Car Repair Cost: Moderate
The main cost involved with this repair is the length of time it may take to repair. 
Evaporator Failure
If the evaporator isn’t working or is leaking, this can be a major repair. 
AC Car Repair Cost: High
The cost of repair will be tied to where the evaporator is located. If it is easy to reach, the labor costs will be lower.  If it is behind the dashboard, removing the dash is extremely time-consuming, adding to the cost of the labor.
Mold or Mildew Detected 
If an evaporator drain is blocked,  water may sit inside the case.  This leads to moldy coils, an unhealthy problem. 
AC Car Repair Cost: Moderate 
Assuming the evaporator doesn’t have to be replaced and is easy to access, the cost can be quite affordable. It’s definitely important to protect passengers from unhealthy air.  Furthermore, action now may prevent further damage within the system.

Compressor Failure
When the fan is blowing hot, there are three possible problems with the compressor:

  • Total failure (replacement needed)
  • Electrical Switch failure
  • Broken or slipping accessory belt
AC Car Repair Cost: Moderate to High
The exact cause of the problem will dictate the cost of parts and labor. Your mechanic should talk to you about the pros and cons of repair vs replacement.
Computer Failure
Your car HVAC has computer sensors to regulate air flow. 
AC Car Repair Cost: Moderate
If the problem is fixed quickly, the costs should be low to moderate.
Electrical Failure
Your car HVAC runs on electricity. If it’s a short, your mechanic will have to determine why it isn’t getting power and whether the problem goes deeper.
AC Car Repair Cost: Moderate to High
Electrical problems come in all sizes. The cost will go up if the cost of parts or the length of labor goes up considerably.


Tip #1: The faster you have your system repaired, the less likely that a small problem will cause a bigger one.
Tip #2: AC maintenance by Earnhardt Lexus service department can prevent bigger problems down the road.
Tip #3: For more about AC repair costs at Lexus Earnhardt: Dare to Compare

Now that you know more, take the next step.  Get help from Earnhardt Lexus service professionals.  Schedule an appointment.


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