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Getting a tune up used to be a common action associated with car ownership. You knew you had to regularly have the oil checked along with the filters and hoses. Without it your car would not run at its optimum level.  Even though your Lexus has an electronic ignition and advanced technology, tune-ups may have changed, but there are still many important things to be done.  

It is recommended for all Lexus vehicles to be serviced or have a tune up every six months or by so many miles traveled.  You can go to to enter your Lexus model and year to see the maintenance schedule recommended for the car you own.  Schedule online for certified auto repair at our dealership..

What is the PCV Valve?

The positive crankcase ventilation system removes harmful oil vapors from the car’s engine preventing them from being released. It also controls the flow of the vapors from the crankcase to the intake manifold. 

One of the most obvious warning signs the valve may be defective is if your car uses a lot of oil or smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe. Another sign is an engine that’s not running smoothly possibly due to oil-contaminated spark plugs. This may also be caused by an issue with the PCV valve.

The valve is one of the reasons it is so important to schedule service for your vehicle. It is necessary to replace the PCV valve regularly. Most manufacturers recommend replacement of the valve as often as every thirty thousand miles. By keeping to your maintenance schedule for your Lexus, you can catch problems such as a PCV Valve malfunction.

Can Spark Plugs be affected by the PCV Valve?

It is important to consult your car manual for the types of updates your vehicle needs and when, such as spark plug replacement. This will also ensure that an issue with the spark plugs is not affecting other parts of the engine like the PCV valve. Especially since the plugs can be contaminated by oil due to the PCV. 

Lexus recommends replacing spark plugs at 60,000 miles. A simple maintenance tune-up including a new set of spark plugs may make your engine start more easily, lower emissions, improve fuel economy and restore lost power.

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It is important to pay attention to how your car runs and be ready if you notice something is wrong or if sensors are lit. Regular maintenance every six months will catch possible problems like a defective PCV Valve before it can become a bigger issue. At Earnhardt Lexus, our certified service technicians are ready to keep your car running smoothly and at the optimum level you expect from a luxury vehicle. Schedule now.


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