Get a Quick Oil Change Phoenix AZ at Lexus Earnhardt Service

If you are looking for a drive thru oil change, you can get a fast one at Lexus Earnhardt service department.  It just takes a minute to schedule an appointment for a quick oil change Phoenix AZ.  When you arrive, your vehicle will be in and out fast. Plus, your visit entitles you to a free car wash.

Why Choose Lexus Earnhardt for your Quick Lane Oil Change:

Earnhardt Lexus Speedy Lube Oil and Filter service 
10 Minute Drive Thru Oil Change
Includes car wash * ?
Maintains your Lexus service registry * no
Has information about recalls and other important notices * no
Provide loaner vehicle and/or drop off/pick up * no
Utilizes OEM Lexus Parts and Approved Fluids * not likely
Maintains the Lexus warranty * ?


Earnhardt Lexus Mechanics
Drive Thru Oil Change Mechanics
Receive advanced training on all engine systems * not required
Include master technicians with decades of experience * not required
Can identify problems before they turn into costly repairs * not likely
Have the ability to fix an oil leak immediately * not equipped
Can fix anything wrong with the car * not equipped

With a scheduled appointment for a quick oil change, you’ll have the undivided attention of our highly qualified master technicians.   We encourage you to choose accuracy as well as speed.  Visit Earnhardt Lexus and treat your vehicle to a better oil change.