Brake pads protect your very expensive rotors, calipers, and discs from damage.  If they go bad, a noise has been built into the design to warn you.  Lexus Earnhardt is a great place to bring  your vehicle for brake pad replacement Phoenix AZ area.  We promise that our brake repair will be within $50 of the competition, and our mechanics have been taught to go the extra mile when providing service.

Q:  How do brake pads work?
 Brake pads provide a cushion between your brake shoe and your brake drum.  Each time the shoe clamps down to slow the tire, the brake pad takes the friction and the drum takes the pressure.  

Q: What happens without brake pads?
Pad replacement costs a few hundred dollars. If you don’t have brake pads, your rotors wear out and you are looking at thousands of dollars in brake repair Phoenix AZ.

Q: How do brake pads wear down?
Intense friction eats away at the protective coating. Little by little, the pads lose mass. Thin pads may wear down to nothing, exposing the metal parts of your brake to damage.


Here’s a safety checklist to help you decide when to bring your Lexus for this service.

Q: What does your Lexus or other brand manual say about brake replacement pad changes? 
Your Manual: Every _________________Miles
Your Current Mileage:________________Miles
Last brake pad replacement: __________Miles

Q: Is your brake light on?  
If yes, seek help at our service department quickly to ensure your safety.
Your Answer:______________________

Q: How many miles do you drive each year?  The more miles you drive, the faster your brakes may wear out.  Answer #3 would indicate the need to replace brake pads more quickly.   Answer #2 is average. Answer #1 may mean you have more time between replacements.
Your Answer: (choose one)
Conservative (8,000 or less) 
Typical (10,000 to 12,000)
Excessive (15,000 to 20,000)

Q: What is your daily drive like? 
The more you have to stop, the more wear and tear on your pads. Constant braking wears down pads faster. If your answer is #4 or #5, it’s important to have your pads professionally evaluated sooner than the mileage recommendation.
Your Answer: (choose one)
Short distance, easy drive.
Rural area, easy drive.
Long distance, highway driving 
Short distance, many redlights and/or heavy traffic
Long distance, many redlights and/or heavy traffic

Q:  How do you drive?
Your driving habits affect how long brake pads last. It’s best to be honest with yourself and get your brake pads checked more often than the mileage recommendation.
Your Answer: (choose one)
I drive slowly and carefully, rarely slamming on the brakes.
I rarely slam on the brakes, but I tend to ride the brakes.
I tend to drive fast and must brake quickly as a result.

Q: When you slow or stop, what do you hear?
If you answer 3 or 4, bring your car to the Lexus Earnhardt service department for a brake pad evaluation and replacement. If your answer is #5, your pads have worn away and you are hearing metal on metal contact. That’s a dangerous situation, and your brakes need immediate attention. Call right away.
Your Answer: (choose one)
There is no sound when I brake.
My brakes make a noise, but only when it’s raining.
There is a whining noise whether the weather is wet or dry.
Stopping causes a squeal or screech in wet or dry weather.
My brakes are grinding and growling.

Q: What do your brake pads look like?  
It’s possible that you can evaluate your brake pads.  Look through your tire spokes.  Your pad is pressed against  your rotor.  If it is more than ¼ inch thick, then you can wait. If it is less than ¼ inch, it is vital to have them replaced even if you have not reached the mileage recommendation.
Your brake pad thickness:___________________

Q: When do you need brake fluid replacement?
Your brakes need clean lubricant to run properly.  Make sure to follow the recommended guidelines in your manual.
Your Manual: Every _________________Miles
Your Current Mileage:________________Miles
Last brake fluid replacement (if any): __________Miles


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