Overhead Cutaway View of 2022 Lexus RXL Interior with White How To Fold 3rd-Row Seats in the Lexus RX Text on a Black Background

Learn How To Access and Fold 3rd-Row Seats in the Three-Row Lexus RX

How To Fold the 3rd-Row Seats in the Lexus RX 

Did you know that the 2022 Lexus RX is available in five- and seven-passenger variants? When you need more cargo space in the seven-passenger Lexus crossover, it is important to know how to fold the 3rd-row seats in the Lexus RX. Learn how to access and fold the rear seats in the three-row Lexus RX with this quick step-by-step guide and how-to video provided by Earnhardt Lexus. Find and test drive a Lexus RX that fits your lifestyle today at Earnhardt Lexus in Phoenix.

How-To Guide to Folding the Lexus RX 3rd-Row Seats 

  1. Hook the 3rd-Row Seatbelt on the Seatbelt Hanger 
  2. Lower the Headrests to the Lowest Position 
  3. Press and Hold the Down Button Located in the Rear Cargo Area 

How-To Guide to Accessing the Lexus RX 3rd-Row Seats 

  1. Pull the Seatback Adjustment Lever on the 2nd-Row Seats 
  2. Slide the 2nd-Row Seat Forward 
  3. Access the 3rd-Row Seats and Buckle Up 
  4. Tilt and Slide the 2nd-Row Seats Back into Position